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Construction projects produce a wide array of new facilities, including buildings, bridges, highways and waterways. But the one thing that all big projects have in common is the production of documents. The day-to-day documentation of a construction project is well-suited for forensic investigation as well as the utilization of project management tools. One of the largest costs in pursuing a construction claim is the selection, collection, conversion, organization and retrieval of those documents. Over the last decade, Pearson has been on the forefront of harnessing and utilizing the massive amount of materials generated in a myriad of construction projects. In 2003, Pearson successfully undertook the discovery, collection and database management of approximately 500,000 paper documents or approximately one million pages on the $260 million Georgia World Congress Center expansion in Atlanta. The GWCC database was 100% available by remote access to a multitude of attorneys in various geographical locations throughout discovery, depositions and trial.

Today, construction projects are a mix of paper and digital information. With the advent of e-mail and PDF documents, large components of construction documents are in digital form. It is common to have native e-mail, construction photos, scheduling files and extractable data from numerous construction management software programs such as Prolog and Expedition, be introduced as evidence. Just one construction project's electronic data can be voluminous, frequently involving hundreds of gigabytes of data, and one gigabyte of text data, if printed, would fill the bed of a pickup truck with paper. Efficiently combining the E-Data with the paper trail in a construction project is a necessary task that Pearson has successfully accomplished over and over again.

In addition to hosting Summation databases in house for several clients, Pearson is also flexible and adaptable in working with many other litigation support software programs, such as Relativity, Concordance and E-Transcript Bundlers. Call us today to discuss your unique requirements and how we could assist your company with construction claim documents, litigation support and case management.